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Wisconsin papers report Shopko may be filing bankruptcy

According to recent media reports, Shopko may be heading for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  One Wisconsin paper reports that Shopko is significantly behind on payments to a drug supplier to the tune of 67 million since November 2018.  Apparently, the supplier has  petitioned a Wisconsin circuit court to prevent Shopko to continue selling its drugs to [...]

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Boy Scouts and Bankruptcy

The national media has recently reported that the Boy Scouts of America are considering seeking protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code as a result of claims filed against the organization for alleged sexual abuse.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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Make an early resolution to get out of debt.

 We are less than 60 days out from a new year!  Time to start thinking about things we want to change in 2019.  What are you thinking about tackling?  For a lot of Wisconsinites, it will be debts and financial burdens that have gotten out of control.  Let's talk about a fresh start...give me a [...]

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Christmas Season Bankrutpcy filings

Yes, the Christmas season is upon us. Time to load up on food, sweets, and presents. Unfortunately, the season is one where people over extend themselves in many directions including financially. We are talking about credit card debt. It is of course considered fraud to "load up" on credit card debt and then file bankruptcy. [...]

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New bankruptcy filings for September 2017

Attorney Steven Zaleski here to report the number of new bankruptcy cases filed here in Madison Wisconsin in the bankruptcy court for the Western District of Wisconsin. For the month of September 2017, court documents report that 300 chapter 7 cases were filed and 82 chapter 13 cases were filed.

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Puerto Rico Bankruptcy

It appears that Puerto Rico has become the first American state or territory in history to seek bankruptcy-type protection. Puerto Rico is proceeding under a federal law enacted last summer, "Promesa," which is similar to Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection for municipalities. Apparently, Puerto Rico has $123 billion dollars of debt and pension obligations. In [...]

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