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International investment advice

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Adversary proceedings in bankruptcy

In addition to representing people in basic chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, the Zaleski Law Firm represents clients in adversary proceedings. What is an adversary proceeding? It is a legal action filed against the debtor in a bankruptcy case which challenges the discharge of the debt for a particular reason. Not all bankruptcy [...]

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Loan modifications and foreclosures

As a bankruptcy attorney at the Zaleski Law Firm, I get a lot of phone calls from people who are trying to get a loan modification. Quite often, at the same time the people are in the loan modification process, the bank is actively foreclosing on their house. People are oftentimes lulled into thinking that [...]

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Warnings signs that you may be the target of a foreclosure scam

If the person you are dealing with exhibits any of the following behavior, you should be extremely careful: 1)Demands fees in advance prior to any work or services being done; 2)Makes unsolicited offers to you about saving your home; 3)Recommends that you stop communicating with the lender directly; 4)Recommends that you stop making mortgage payments; [...]

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“Let me help you” by doing nothing scam

In this scam, the scammer makes representations or promises about what he or she can do to help you avoid foreclosure. Of course, the so-called "help" will require an outrageous fee on your part. Of course, once you pay the fee, the scammer will disappear along with your money. At best, these scammers may make [...]

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Refinance scams

The next foreclosure scam I'd like to discuss pertains to refinancing. This scam is similar to the one we earlier discussed. Although there are legitimate lenders out there who offer legitimate refinancing options, unfortunately there are also many scammers who pose as mortgage brokers or lenders. These scammers offer to refinance your home as a [...]

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