An experienced Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you get through foreclosure or bankruptcy and achieve a fresh start in life.

You may have experienced a significant life event such as a job loss or medical condition which has created financial trouble.  After losing a job or receiving a cut in pay, you may have been forced to use credit cards to make ends meet…

You may have experienced an injury or illness which has left you with significant medical bills…

You may have experienced a divorce or change in relationships that has left you economically vulnerable…

The issues are complex and it’s important to have a lawyer experienced with the nuances of Bankruptcy Law. Steven Zaleski has years of experience in dealing with foreclosure, stopping creditors, repayment plans and erasing debt.

The Zaleski Law Firm is here to help you rise above these temporary troubles and move forward. Whether you are facing a lawsuit, repossession, or foreclosure, or if you are just getting overwhelmed by mounting debt, an experienced lawyer can help you through to the other side. Clients come from all walks of life…factory workers, nurses, teachers, truckers, roofers, salesman, small business owners and other lawyers.  Whatever your life story, the Zaleski Law Firm is eager to hear about it and help you turn the page to that next step in life…a fresh start.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer and Forclosure Attorney Steven Zaleski

Any Bankruptcy Lawyer should be able to file your paperwork, but Debt Law Attorney Steven Zaleski has the experience and expertise to explain all of your options and the possible outcomes and can best advise you how to proceed.

With a sterling reputation, the best reviews on the web, two convenient locations, and flexible meeting and payment options, the Zaleski Law Firm is the best in the business, and your best bet for a fresh start.

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Bankruptcy Law is a multi-faceted area. It encompasses areas such as: foreclosure, creditor phone calls, mortgage refinance, vehicle repossession, repayment plans, debt forgiveness, shared marital assets, and other legal issues pertinent to your family’s finances. Make sure to contact a Bankruptcy Law Attorney to schedule your free consultation and ask your questions. The initial consultation is free, the information about your options is invaluable.

Bankruptcy Timeline

  • Meet with your Bankruptcy attorney

  • Mandatory Credit Counselling

  • Provide your financial information

  • Your Attorney files your Bankruptcy

  • Meeting of Creditors

  • Debts resolved and case closed

Do you Qualify?

  • At or below median state income

  • Complete required education

  • Fill out all paperwork

  • Appear at the Trustee meeting


  • Financial Eligibility

  • Mandatory Credit Counselling

  • Required Documentation

  • Meeting of Creditors

  • The Bankruptcy Process

Tell us about your Case

The Zaleski Law Firm is a debt relief agency. We help people file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. The Zaleski Law Firm serves clients in Dane County (Madison, Middleton, Monona, Stoughton, Fitchburg), Rock County (Janesville, Beloit), Columbia County (Columbus, Portage, Wisconsin Dells), Green County (Monroe), Sauk (Sauk City, Baraboo, DeForest, Wisconsin Dells), Lafayette County, Adams County, Grant County and the surrounding areas.