Events surrounding criminal arrest can be overwhelming, but timing is everything. It is important to hire an experienced qualified attorney who knows about the process and the deadlines.  A criminal charge and the road to trial or settlement can impact all areas of your life, but the Zaleski Law Firm will work to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

Being charged with any crime is a frightening experience. The most common questions people ask are:

1) What is my worst-case scenario?

2) How will this impact the rest of my life?

3) How will this affect my family?

A criminal conviction can also impact your ability to rent a home or live in certain communities. If you are not a citizen, a criminal conviction can even get you deported.

As a long-time Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney Zaleski has helped people from diverse backgrounds including juveniles, law enforcement, medical professionals, teachers, business owners, fellow attorneys and many others.

Fortunately, there’s a chance that your life can go back to normal. But timing is critical. You need to know your rights under the law and you need an attorney who knows what to do to protect those rights.

Don’t wait to get help.  Your best chance at a fresh start begins by calling an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to intervene, how to prepare, and how to negotiate. For a review of your situation, and for some help navigating the system, contact the Zaleski Law Firm for a free consultation.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer and Drunk Driving Attorney Steven Zaleski

Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Zaleski has over a dozen years of experience in representing criminal defendants in Wisconsin. He helps criminal defendants and family members deal with the stress of a pending criminal case or an appeal following a criminal conviction.

Attorney Steven Zaleski will personally handle your case from start to finish.  Steven approaches each and every case and appeal with the care and attention you expect and deserve. After our investigation – including a thorough review of court records, police reports, witness statements, and your version of events we will work to achieve the best possible results on your behalf.

With a sterling reputation, the best reviews on the web, two convenient locations, and flexible meeting and payment options, the Zaleski Law Firm is the best in the business, and your best bet for a fresh start.

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An experienced counselor and litigator, Steven Zaleski is ready to negotiate and litigate for the best possible outcome in your case.  He has tried lawsuits in state and federal courts, including successful litigation in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.