Golds Gym files for bankruptcy

Continuing on with observing the bankruptcy filings of national and Wisconsin retailers, I note that Golds Gym has filed for bankruptcy protection. Obviously, the Covid 19 pandemic has prevented people from going to gyms. Here in Madison, my own gym has been closed during Covid, and to the extent it has re-opened, it has understandably [...]

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Chuck E. Cheese bankruptcy

In keeping with our monitoring of corporate bankruptcy filings in Wisconsin and elsewhere during the Covid 19 pandemic, there is another one to report. CEC, the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. We have plenty of Chuck E. Cheese restaurants around Wisconsin. Or at least we did. Attorney [...]

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Pizza Hut, Wendys….and bankruptcy?

Attorney Steven Zaleski has represented a number of individuals and small business owners who have been involved in the restaurant business in Madison and southern Wisconsin. It is indeed a tough business. Just how tough? Recently, NPC International, the largest franchisee of Pizza Hut and Wendys restaurants, has filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11 of [...]

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Pier One Imports files for bankruptcy

In continuing to observe retailers here in Wisconsin and across the country seek bankruptcy protection in light of the Covid 19 pandemic, there is another company to talk about. Pier 1 Imports. Yep. You have no doubt seen Pier 1 throughout Wisconsin cities especially in bigger markets. I know Madison has a couple. I think [...]

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Neiman Marcus files for bankruptcy

I don't think we have a Neiman Marcus in Madison, Wisconsin or perhaps even in Southern Wisconsin. But Neiman Marcus is a well known, century old luxury retailer. It sells a lot expensive items, usually in upscale markets or big cities. Well, Neiman Marcus has apparently joined the ranks of retailers who have been claimed [...]

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JC Penney Files For Bankruptcy

Again, not Wisconsin bankruptcy news, or Madison bankruptcy news, but big bankruptcy news nonetheless. As we know, Corona virus and Covid 19 has been causing a lot of financial damage to both individuals, small businesses, and large ones alike. The media is now reporting that JC Penney has filed for bankruptcy protection. Apparently, the retailer [...]

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J Crew Files For Bankruptcy

Not necessarily Wisconsin bankruptcy news, or Madison, Wisconsin bankruptcy news, but it is worth noting that another national retailer has filed for bankruptcy.  J Crew is the first national retailer to file bankruptcy since the coronoa virus or Covid 19 outbreak. The bankruptcy was apparently filed in Virginia. The Zaleski Law Firm is already taking [...]

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Milk…Bankruptcy…and Wisconsin

In November, the largest milk producer in the country filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  In January, Borden Dairy Co., the second largest producers also sought bankruptcy protection. It is reported that Borden, which is based in Dallas, owes between $100 and $500 million to about 5000 creditors. Unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter [...]

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Boy Scouts of America file for bankruptcy

Various medial outlets are reporting that the Boy Scouts of America organization has filed for bankruptcy protection. The group has filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy apparently in the hope of dealing with a deluge of lawsuits brought by sexual assault victims. CNN reports "hundreds" of lawsuits from across the country. It is unclear how many [...]

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